A New Technology in Hair Protection

What’s Hairglass?  

HairGlass protects hair naturally, stopping damage form heat, UV, salt and chrlorine

Our Hair Has A Tough Life

Everyday life can be tough on our hair, city life, sun bathing, swimming and ceramic hair straightening all cause our hair to suffer and over time we find that it becomes dull and lifeless.  Colouring and processing our hair also leads to more damage, many of the products that are supposed to help restore hair condition often cause more damage and lead to more intense  treatment and upkeep.

So how does Hairglass help, well the product is actually made of natural sand, water and crystal which when mixed carefully together produces liquid glass.  Liquid glass is a nano coating so you cant see it or smell it.  When you apply it to your hair it coats every strand in glass, this protects your hair from everything including dirt, strong smells and UV (sunlight) and stops the hair becoming damaged.  When you apply your straighteners it will protect the hair because it’s designed to cope with high temperatures, up to 450c which is plenty considering the average straightener works between 180c and 220c.

Luxury Hair By HairGlass

Although it protects the hair it also makes the hair easy to manage regardless of the humidity, rain or temperature and because its micro-porous it allows the whole scalp and hair follicles to breath.  It’s a little like our skin, if we sit in a lovely hot bath our skin can still perspire but we don’t fill up with water as the moisture can only travel one way.

Its all very simple and so natural that you can even drink the product.  Its great for all hair types and will protect from all life has to throw at it.

So where can I try it?  In your favourite salon or buy it directly from this website – just click here.


HairGlass, how does it work?

Natural Protection

HairGlass invisibly shields the cuticle which is the protective layer covering the cortex, the high protein core of the hair.  A treatment of HairGlass will protect your hair from Sun and UV damage, salt water and chlorine.  The hair will naturally retain more protein, keeping the hair looking shiny, strong and  flexible.   No more frizz and split ends, which can be caused when the cortex becomes exposed due to cuticle damage.

Because HairGlass is a completely natural product it is 100% safe to use and has no adverse side effects.  The nano coating is great at keeping your hair looking natural and due to its high thermal protection can be used safely with all hair straighteners

You’ll also notice that your hair looks and feels better and much easier to look after, HairGlass will even help damaged hair repair more quickly.  It’s easy to use, just spray HairGlass over the hair and comb through until all the strands are covered, you’ll also find that you wont need to use as much shampoo and conditioner as your hair will be kept in much better condition naturally.